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What does your software do?

LegalPRO Systems, Inc. produces three programs primarily focused on helping the bankruptcy practitioner focus on the legal aspects, rather than the computer aspects, of a bankruptcy practice.

BankruptcyPRO® is our venerable desktop software that produces the official bankruptcy forms with easy and intuitive data entry, files them electronically, and handles all the necessary calculations. It also includes FlashDOCS, which is a built-in word processor with merge capability for internal forms (e.g., retainer agreements, letters to clients, etc.). BankruptcyPRO users have filed well over a million bankruptcy cases in the past two decades.

DoingTIME® is our time keeping and billing software. It can prepare monthly statements, fee application exhibits, handle trust accounts, and is not limited to bankruptcy practices.

I-Got-Notices® collects the bankruptcy court notices, downloads the free looks, and organizes the data. It also includes a calendaring system and helps the users easily pull out important dates from the notices and can synchronize with Google’s calendar. It also compiles a list of the addresses from the proofs of claim notices. I-Got-Notices is a true time saver for your staff!

Jubilee® is our new cloud based bankruptcy software and represents the future of our product line. It will allow users to work in and file a case from anywhere with any operating system. We hope to release Jubilee in December of 2015

Why are you the best choice?

Let’s start with five reasons: longevity, consistency, redundancy, ownership, and service.

Longevity is 30 years in business and no end in sight. It’s important to know that the software you choose to run your office is time tested and will be here for years to come.

Consistency is having long-term staff members who love their job and know their business. Our support staff gives great support because they really do care about our clients.

Redundancy in support and development is making sure that multiple people are trained and knowledgeable to step in and do the required tasks. It’s important to know that nothing here depends on one single person and that we can be there for you through good and bad times alike.

Ownership at LegalPRO is hands-on; every owner works full time for the company and is fully invested in making sure we perform to the highest standards – we have no outside investors looking simply to make a rate of return.

Finally, our service is top notch – whether it’s a simple question on how to perform a seldom-used function or helping clients file their first case from start to finish, we’re always here to help.

Can I get just the chapters I need?

Yes, our pricing is based on the chapters you want and whether or not we have your local Chapter 13 plan. We do not charge extra for those who practice in multiple districts and need different plans.

How do I purchase your software?

Please complete the order form online or print and fax it to (210) 957-7194. We will respond very quickly during business hours and can send you an electronic invoice for easy payment. You can always call us to order as well.

How do you provide support for your software?

Unlimited telephone and remote support are included during business hours with a current license. You can also find Quick Reference Guides, User Guides and instructions for our software on our support forum. We will be happy to walk you through filing electronically or any other aspect of the software.

Is there training available to learn the software quickly?

All new clients who purchase a full license are entitled to a free one-hour dedicated online training session. Additional dedicated training sessions are available for a fee. We can also send out a representative for on-site training when necessary. This would be especially important to large offices that are switching from other software providers.

How often do you update your software?

We have no set schedule, but changes in the bankruptcy code are pretty regular and we are always adding requested features, which will require updates several times per year.

What are the system requirements for your software?

Our system requirements are:

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
  • Video Capability: 1024×768 (96 DPI for BankruptcyPRO)
  • Disk Space: 50 MB for BankruptcyPRO; 30 MB for I-Got-Notices; 30 MB for DoingTIME

Jubilee will run on Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.

Apple® users should contact a technical support representative for installation help.

LegalPRO Systems, Inc.

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