Jubilee is ready for 2020

Jubilee keeps upgrading and 2020 will be full of even more improvements! Here is what we improved in Jubilee since last month:


  • Updated I-Got-Notices Export Tool.
  • Updated Notices search function on Android devices.
  • Schedule I – updated spacing issues between lines 8a through 8h.
  • Modified Filing Script for MDB.
  • Updated CACB Local Form 1002-1.EMP.INCOME.DEC where employment income box was not automatically selected in some situations.
  • Fixed Reload Application error when marking a task as complete in some browsers.
  • Improved logic in plan calculator with ‘Pay Unsecured Before Secured’ option.
  • ILNB – Updated filing script with Chapter 11 cases.
  • Automatically Exclude “MT Only Creditors” on National Chapter 13 Plan.
  • Updated automatic filing script for TNMB.
  • Updated Notices claim register reporting of unsecured amount for some IRS claims.
  • Added page numbers to TXSB plan.
  • Updated automatic filing script for LAEB.

BankruptcyPRO: Stay updated.

BankruptcyPRO has seen some changes over the last year. There have been Official Form changes, with more to come soon in regard to the new Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019. We’ll be ready when it takes effect. Be on the lookout for an update.

We have also added some local Chapter 13 Plans and updated others.

We have adjusted the Median Income numbers and allowances as mandated by the U.S. Trustee for the Means Test.

As more and more courts go to NextGen for electronic filing, we’ve adjusted the program to deal with that new wrinkle.

In the course of your practice, you need to be able to present items a certain way. We do what we can to make that easier for you within the confines of the Official Forms. It all goes under the heading: “Nothing is ever simple”.

We seriously appreciate your forbearance while we make the changes you need and your diligence in asking for the changes. Our goal is to make your practice work more smoothly regarding the forms, the math, and the filing. We’re happy to give you the time to take care of your clients.

Thanks for being a BankruptcyPRO user! We will continue to support you in the ever-evolving bankruptcy world.


Annual Christmas Party!

Will you join us in December?

LegalPRO will host our annual Christmas Party on Friday, December 13th.  We will return to Alamo Café, which served some really tasty food last year.  

Once again, we invite all our local clients to attend.  We had a great time last December and look forward to doing it again.  Click here to RSVP if you are interested as seats are limited.

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