Trick or Treat?

HalloweenThere’s a law firm operating out of the North that some of you have partnered to work with.  The treat they offer is more business; the trick they are playing, however, is that they are just taking your own business and splitting the fees while you do the real work.  It’s clearly a case of “something is better than nothing” because we feel you aren’t getting anywhere near a fair deal. has destroyed a lot of brick and mortar (local) retail businesses and we believe this online distributed law firm wants to be the Amazon of bankruptcy practices.   We hope that you would find this as unacceptable as we do and we intend to work to balance the scales.

The LegalPRO universe includes some of the best marketers in the business and we are looking for ways to leverage their knowledge and skills to create a marketing program to benefit all LegalPRO firms.  It’s our desire to use the massive collective resources of our client base to create a true referral system that is cost effective and successful.  Most of all, we want our firms and their clients to be the true beneficiaries of the service – not a shrewd and aggressive “national” law firm.

So, with that being said, we hope you will take a few minutes to complete our online survey and give us some feedback on how we can best take on this endeavor.  We have some ideas, but we bet you have even more.  Take our survey today!

Our Virtual Paralegal Services is growing

Virtual Paralegal Service by LegalPRO Services, LLCWe started offering our virtual bankruptcy paralegal service about 18 months ago and it has quietly become a nice success. We get a steady stream of inquiries and, although it doesn’t fit everyone’s budget, we get plenty of repeat business because our paralegals are fantastic. Whether you need regular work done or just some temporary help, keep us in mind and we’ll be here when you need us.

Visit Our Online Forum

User ForumWe’ve had our online forum up for some time, but the past few weeks we’ve had more interaction than ever before. This is great news because the forum allows users to search for answers to common questions that our support team has answered.  If you ever have a straight forward question that doesn’t need an immediate response, then try posting it on the forum.  We usually answer within the hour, and you’ll be helping to create a great knowledge base for others.  It’s also possible – though not guaranteed – that you could get a response after hours.  You can get to our forum from our home page or check it out directly at

You Don’t Have to Grate Cheese Anymore

Cheese IconLegalPRO offers a variety of products integrated into both BankruptcyPRO and Jubilee from partner companies such as CIN Legal Data Services, BK Packet, Certificate of Service and others. These companies offer products and services that can help make preparing a bankruptcy case quicker, easier, and more accurate.

Of course, these products are not free, but they should more than pay for themselves by making your office more efficient. You already know that you wouldn’t consider putting on a case without bankruptcy software – even though you could fill out all the forms by hand and make all the calculations yourself!

But why then would you want to spend an hour to find and enter every creditor by hand when you could order the credit report and import the creditors directly with the push of a button?  It’s quicker, easier, and more accurate. Some money is well spent and this is one of those times.

You might be thinking that this is what you pay your staff to do, but consider what else they could be doing instead and how you can improve their job by giving them more tools to work with. You can see a list of our partner companies on our website.

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