Recap of the NACBA New York convention

LegalPRO at the NACBA New York Convention

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The Big Apple took a bite out of our budget last week at the NACBA convention, but it was well worth it. We love to visit with our clients and we gained a bunch more. We brought our lead web developer to the conference to show off and answer questions about our future web-based BankruptcyPRO® and we gave away demo codes to try it out and comment. If you didn’t get one then just let us know and we’ll get you set up.

We also had the new version of I-Got-Notices® available to show. It’s all but ready to release as we have it running in a couple of offices to test it out a little more before finally making it available. Once we release it we will announce a couple of dates for webinars that will go through the program from A to Z.

Our website has undergone another revision. Check it out and let us know what you think. LegalPRO continues to evolve into a more polished and mature company, but one thing that will never change is our commitment to stay independent, employee owned, and exist for the single purpose of providing for our clients and the dedicated staff members who work here.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. We hope we can continue to earn it for years to come!

LegalPRO to unveil new products in New York

New York CityThe National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) annual convention in New York is only a couple of months away and we are gearing up to be there with shiny new things to show.  First we will be unveiling our completely new version of BankruptcyPRO for the web. This program is a complete rewrite of BankruptcyPRO from the ground up and is designed as a complete case management system with bankruptcy petition preparation included. It will be browser based and, therefore, operating system independent. The tried and true desktop version won’t be going away either, so don’t worry about making any changes you aren’t ready for.

The second item we will be showing off at NACBA is I-Got-Notices version 5. This program has also been rewritten from the ground up and will offer an improved interface and usability with faster startups, faster email checking and processing, and faster calendar syncing. You will also have quicker access to all the documents in a case and added calendar features. The documents collected in I-Got-Notices have always been available in the BankruptcyPRO interface and an even tighter integration will be made with the new web version.

Here at LegalPRO Systems, we will continue to innovate, and to offer our clients the peace of mind that comes from doing business with an established company that is large enough to be responsive to its clients’ needs, but still small enough to know its clients by name.

We look forward to visiting with you in New York!

Judging the Value of Software

The President's CornerWhen I look for software products I can be as value-minded as the next guy.  If I can find a free version of a product that does what I need to do, I will use it.  For most kinds of products, I won’t think twice about switching to another brand if I get a better deal or price.  Take Apple’s new iTunes Radio, for example – so far it seems to offer a better deal for free than I can buy from Pandora.  So even though I have some empathy for Pandora Radio, I have no reason to pay them for their premium service.

The software I use for my business, however, is a completely different story.  Somewhat begrudgingly, I pay for Microsoft Office products because they make life simpler than working with something like OpenOffice – despite the fact that they offer no real support.  On the other hand, I have no issue paying a good sum of money each year for a few products we rely on to develop BankruptcyPRO®, I-Got-Notices®, and DoingTIME®.  Without the vendor products we use to create our software, we would be out of business and you would be creating petitions one page at a time.  I’m more than willing to pay  those licensing fees each year to keep them in business, keep them providing support, and keep them staying on top of all the technology changes that occur non-stop.  Simply put – some companies provide great value that’s worth paying for.

What your license fee pays for

Certainly, I hope you will feel that way about the bankruptcy software and related products provided by LegalPRO Systems.  The work and time our products save any size office and the support we provide is far and away more valuable than any license fees we charge.  Every bit of the license fee you pay us is used to provide service, keep the software updated with the ever-changing forms and legal requirements, and develop new products for the evolving technologies that come into play.  Your continued support allows us to create superior products to keep you doing what you do best.  And, as I have written in previous articles, every shareholder of this company is also an employee – there are no investors simply looking for a return.

Ways to help us keep our prices low

You can also support us by supporting our vendors.  We integrate with vendors of due diligence products and other bankruptcy-related offerings to provide even more value to the software.   When you support our official vendors you also support us and that helps keep prices low.  I will always respect your freedom of choice in where you purchase third party products – which, by the way, is why we are the only major company to offer more than one due diligence product provider.  But, if you have a choice between two equivalent products, and only one is integrated with us, then hopefully you will consider choosing our offering.

Staff updates

We are committed to moving forward and being the absolute best bankruptcy software provider there is.  We just hired our third new programmer in the past 14 months to back that commitment up.  Personally, I’m now in my 33rd month of taking the leadership position here at LegalPRO and I’m finally starting to hit my stride.  I feel now, more than ever before, that the future is bright as can be, and I look forward to continuing to build all our client relationships and many new ones.  As always, if you need help give us a call, search our website, send us an email, or post to our forum.  We’ll be here to help you.  Thanks for being a LegalPRO customer!

Our new customer support forums

LegalPRO Support Forums

We have finally established our long promised user forum, which can be found at Here you will find valuable reference material and a place to ask and find answers to any question you may have about BankruptcyPRO®, DoingTIME®, or I-Got-Notices®.

Currently, being brand new, its content is sparse, but over time it should develop into a great knowledge base. For those who prefer phone calls, we’re still here to take your call as always, but for those who’d rather post a question, the option is now available. You can use your Google account or other various other forms of social media to create a user ID. Log in and give it a try.

Summer Survey Results

Thanks to all who participated in our survey last month.  We received lots of valuable feedback and will follow up on every comment that we received.

Our winner was Burke Smith practicing in Omaha, Nebraska:

I received the iPad yesterday and it works great; thanks!

A quick word about I-Got-Notices….

Burke Smith

IGN is one of the absolute “must have” pieces of software in my office. Not only does it work out of the box without a lot of arcane configuration, the support staff is truly one of the best. A call is always picked up by a real person and answers to questions come without waiting for the call to be transferred to one department after another.

The program fits seamlessly into my calendaring system and allows me to go home without worrying if something “fell through the cracks”.

It’s a great piece of software that has risen to the top of the pack; there are no substitutes for what it does.
Burke Smith

Thanks to Mr. Smith for the kind words; they are always appreciated!

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