Need a Better Way to Process Court Emails and Schedule Court Dates?

Save Time and Improve Productivity

I-Got-Notices captures information received in ECF emails
and then organizes it in your inbox and calendar.

Compatible with Form Preparation Software

I-Got-Notices works directly with BankruptcyPRO and is the tool of choice for many users of other bankruptcy petition software.

 What is I-Got-Notices?

Every day, you receive dozens to hundreds of court notices with important documents and dates that cannot be overlooked. Processing a single court notice can be a multi-step process that includes saving attachments and scheduling follow-up meetings.

Need a better way to process court emails and track hearing dates? Are you interested in an easy way to organize proofs of claim in a single location? I-Got-Notices by LegalPRO Systems, Inc. offers a solution to automate these tedious tasks.



Self-Organizing Inbox

I-Got-Notices provides the tools to process and archive CM/ECF notifications automatically.

  • Prioritization Tools: Automatically flag notices as high, medium or low priority using customizable keywords.
  • Intuitive Filters: Easily filter notices through the inbox by client, case number, jurisdiction and other fields

Fully Functioning Calendar

The I-Got-Notices calendar is designed to keep important dates from your court notices organized. Collaborate with your associates and staff with the option to view separate or combined calendars and delegate events to others in your office. Track event changes and automatically sync with your Google Calendar.

  • Auto Events: Dates in docket text trigger auto-events, which you can add to your calendar or choose to ignore.
  • Sequenced Events: For events and case types with preset follow-up activities, save time by preprogramming activities into your calendar.

Case Documents in a Single View

The Case View in I-Got-Notices aggregates all information regarding a case in a single location without the need to manually process, save and name files into a folder system.

  • Document Viewer: Since PDFs of your notices are automatically saved into your computer system, you can review any of the documents at any time at no charge. You don’t have to go back to PACER to retrieve them.

Automatically Updated Creditor Database

Looking for a good noticing address for a creditor? I-Got- Notices automatically compiles and updates an easily accessible database of creditor addresses from proofs of claim notices you receive. Because addresses are provided by the creditors, you can rest assured that they are accurate and up-to-date.

What our customers are saying

Mott Law Office

We get our problems solved very quickly and they accept our comments about the programs and act on them if they can do that.

Dorothy L.

Neis & Michaux

Your savings in PACER charges and time easily pays for the I-Got-Notices software.

Schwartz, P.C.

With Version 5, LegalPRO made a great program even better. I now rate I-Got-Notices as indispensable.

Michael H.

J. Thomas Black, P.C.

I really don’t know how a bankruptcy lawyer could practice without the convenience of I-Got-Notices.

Law Offices of Martha J. Simon

I have used I-Got-Notices for years and have consistently been impressed with the product, and with the helpful and friendly support staff.


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