BankruptcyPRO’s bigger and better icons

A splash of color has been added in the latest BankruptcyPRO® release. The navigational buttons along the top of the screen are now bigger and wider. The color selection is also easier to read.

Check your email SPAM folder for ECF notices

I-Got-Notices® works tirelessly to streamline your day by automatically capturing the “free looks” for notices received in your IGN Inbox. However, problems can occur if some notices start taking a vacation in the Junk or SPAM folder of the mail account I-Got-Notices is checking.

New MIEB Chapter 13 Plan now available

The Eastern District of Michigan has a new Chapter 13 Plan effective January 1, 2013. You will see the new plan in BankruptcyPRO® when updating to Version 9.1.58.

Our 800 number is going away

For years now our business phone lines has had free long distance. Starting in January of 2013 we will discontinue our 800 number.

Easily change exemptions within a case

BankruptcyPRO® users can easily change states exemptions after a case is created. This is useful if a debtor has resided in a state for less than two years.

Fall NACBA workshop recap

Our staff had a great time in Florida at the NACBA workshop on Amelia Island. It’s always good to see and talk with our clients and to meet future clients.

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