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5-Case License Frequently Asked Questions

LegalPRO is offering a new 5-Case License for BankruptcyPRO®. This is designed to be a “starter” installation giving your firm the opportunity to file a few cases while not breaking the bank on overhead.

Judging the Value of Software

When I look for software products I can be as value-minded as the next guy. If I can find a free version of a product that does what I need to do, I will use it.

In the Spotlight: Certificate of Service

LegalPRO customers can now order bankruptcy mailings from, whose parent company BK Attorney Services, LLC is an Approved Bankruptcy Notice Provider, directly through BankruptcyPRO®.

Simple DoingTIME keyboard shortcuts

Within DoingTIME® there are several keyboard shortcuts that use special function keys and other keystroke combinations to expedite data entry

How often do you back up your data?

Performing regular backups of your data is crucial to minimize data loss and the cost of re-entering data in the event of a hard drive failure or worse.

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