Rock Solid Vacations and Companies

I recently took a family vacation to the Black Hills in South Dakota. I sarcastically dubbed it the Rock-n-Roll vacation to my kids because we were basically going to roll through South Dakota looking at rocks.

How Online Law Firms Are Hurting Your Bankruptcy Practice

National online law firms continue to grow and, in our opinion, many local firms are being extremely myopic in partnering with them.  While these “partner” firms pay the rent for their brick and mortar office spaces located throughout the country, these national firms advertise in their own backyards, take their potential clients, and then dole them back out for minimal fees

Implementing The National Plan Into Our Software

On December 1, all districts will switch to new official forms for Chapter 13 plans. Most districts are opting to create their own version of the federal form, but sadly, few districts have finalized their changes.

NACBA in Orlando

We look forward to seeing many of you this May in Orlando at the 25th annual NACBA convention.

Credit Bureaus will limit what they report – what you need to know

Starting on July 1st, 2017 Trans Union, Experian and Equifax are going to stop reporting most, if not all, of consumer tax liens and civil judgements. This comes as a result of a class action suit called the “NCAP Settlement” that started in 2015 and recently settled with the three bureaus.

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