Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this just data entry work or am I getting an experienced paralegal?

You are getting the services of an experienced bankruptcy paralegal. If it was simply a matter of data entry we could charge much less. Our staff understands the nature of the data being entered into the software and will return to you, the attorney, a list of questions, needs, and issues that require further thought or clarification.

What is the background and experience of your staff?

Each staff member has a minimum of ten years experience working for law firms as a bankruptcy paralegal. It is important that we stay current in the bankruptcy field to best serve our clients, therefore, we participate in activities that increase our knowledge base. Part of that pursuit includes attending various seminars and CLE classes, as well as being active members of paralegal associations.

Do you make client contact?

Yes, within the boundaries established between the attorney and the paralegal working on the case.

What software will you use?

We use BankruptcyPRO and Jubilee. If you are not a Jubilee subscriber, the Jubilee cloud based software will enable us to enter the data and complete the case and then allow the attorney to see the file in real time or at completion. You will not be required to purchase a Jubilee license, but will only have read-only access without it.

We also have clients who use other provider’s software and they have been pleased with the results.

Can I get a reference for you from a current subscriber?

Absolutely, just ask.

How do you secure my client's private information?

Any private information is saved in an encrypted drive, if it’s electronic, or in a locked file cabinet if in print. We also shred old documents.

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