We recently had a client notify us that they wanted to try a competitor’s product due to an exciting new feature they’d been promoting heavily. We, of course, were sad to hear this and, after talking with them and understanding they needed to take the plunge, we let them know we’d be here when they were ready to come back.

Well, they came back pretty quickly and reported there were no less than 17 specific features BankruptcyPRO had that the competitor didn’t – that they couldn’t live without. “Only 17?” was our response, but heck, they didn’t stick with the other product long enough to figure out all the rest.

Every product has its strengths and weaknesses we admit, but BankruptcyPRO is a stellar piece of software that’s been time tested and client improved upon literally for decades. We wish it had been more heavily marketed in the past so that more firms would understand that it’s the superior product in its space.

Let us know on Twitter what BankruptcyPRO features you can’t live without.

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