I recently took a family vacation to the Black Hills in South Dakota. I sarcastically dubbed it the Rock-n-Roll vacation to my kids because we were basically going to roll through South Dakota looking at rocks.

We went over rocks (Iron Mountain Road), under rocks, inside rocks (Jewel Cave), through rocks (Needles Highway), climbed rocks, saw rocks shaped by man (Mt. Rushmore) and rocks shaped by nature (Devil’s Tower).

Mount Rushmore

Photo: Keith Crusius

As boring as that might sound to your teenagers (it certainly did to mine), it was a great vacation in an incredibly beautiful part of the country. I highly recommend visiting the Black Hills if you ever get the chance. I only spent two days there, but I’d recommend allowing for at least three or more.

While on the topic of rock solid things I’d like to give a shout out to a rock-solid company – Allen Credit & Debt Counseling Agency. They are located in South Dakota as well, so after our rock tour, we drove over to the eastern side of the state to visit their offices in Wolsey.

Glenn Jungemann, Allen Credit’s president, and his wonderful wife Mary Liz, treated us to some great South Dakota hospitality on their farm – and much to my kids’ relief, gave them plenty of fun things to do not involving rocks!

One of Glenn’s business mottos is, “It’s all about relationships”, and after spending a day and a half there I can assure you that when you do business with Allen Credit & Debt Counseling, you are dealing with honest, hard working, down to earth people that will treat you and your clients with courtesy and respect.

If you are ever looking for another credit and debt counseling provider you’d be remiss not to give them a call.

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