HalloweenThere’s a law firm operating out of the North that some of you have partnered to work with.  The treat they offer is more business; the trick they are playing, however, is that they are just taking your own business and splitting the fees while you do the real work.  It’s clearly a case of “something is better than nothing” because we feel you aren’t getting anywhere near a fair deal.  Amazon.com has destroyed a lot of brick and mortar (local) retail businesses and we believe this online distributed law firm wants to be the Amazon of bankruptcy practices.   We hope that you would find this as unacceptable as we do and we intend to work to balance the scales.

The LegalPRO universe includes some of the best marketers in the business and we are looking for ways to leverage their knowledge and skills to create a marketing program to benefit all LegalPRO firms.  It’s our desire to use the massive collective resources of our client base to create a true referral system that is cost effective and successful.  Most of all, we want our firms and their clients to be the true beneficiaries of the service – not a shrewd and aggressive “national” law firm.

So, with that being said, we hope you will take a few minutes to complete our online survey and give us some feedback on how we can best take on this endeavor.  We have some ideas, but we bet you have even more.  Take our survey today!

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