Cheese IconLegalPRO offers a variety of products integrated into both BankruptcyPRO and Jubilee from partner companies such as CIN Legal Data Services, BK Packet, Certificate of Service and others. These companies offer products and services that can help make preparing a bankruptcy case quicker, easier, and more accurate.

Of course, these products are not free, but they should more than pay for themselves by making your office more efficient. You already know that you wouldn’t consider putting on a case without bankruptcy software – even though you could fill out all the forms by hand and make all the calculations yourself!

But why then would you want to spend an hour to find and enter every creditor by hand when you could order the credit report and import the creditors directly with the push of a button?  It’s quicker, easier, and more accurate. Some money is well spent and this is one of those times.

You might be thinking that this is what you pay your staff to do, but consider what else they could be doing instead and how you can improve their job by giving them more tools to work with. You can see a list of our partner companies on our website.

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