Below are frequently asked questions about the 5-Case License for BankruptcyPRO Please, submit other questions here.

What is the 5-Case License for BankruptcyPRO?

The 5-Case License for BankruptcyPRO is designed to be a “starter” installation giving you the opportunity to file a few cases while not breaking the bank on overhead.  This license allows you to create a total of five cases within a 5-year period.  There is no annual renewal for this license.

What are my options after I file the original five case?

When you reach your initial five-case limit, you may either upgrade to a Full License (unlimited cases with a yearly support renewal) by paying the difference between the cost of the full license you select and the amount you have paid for the limited license purchases or purchase another 5-Case License.

Can I install this license on more than one computer?

The 5-Case License can only be installed on one computer.  If you need to use BankruptcyPRO on multiple computers you must purchase a Full License with additional workstation licenses.

What chapters are included in the 5-Case License?

Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 are included in the 5-Case License.

How do I purchase a 5-Case License?

Please complete the order form online or print and fax it to (210) 957-7194. We will respond very quickly during business hours and can send you an electronic invoice for easy payment. You can always call us to order as well.

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