We had a great time in San Diego back in April at the NACBA convention – thanks to all of you who were able to stop by and say hello.  We got plenty of suggested enhancements and we will get to work on those for you quickly.

Changes in the bankruptcy software world

dice250You should know by now that The CIN Group, who bought out EZ-Filing last year, has just acquired Best Case Bankruptcy from Wolters Kluwer.  That’s essentially like their having both Park Place and Boardwalk on the Monopoly board.  I would expect that we can all be looking for the houses and hotels to be going up $oon.  They have also bought some of the credit report providers over the last few years – which, is like owning the railroads on our Monopoly board – and they collect rent from a couple “utility companies” for credit counseling and debtor education.  So where does that leave the bankruptcy software business?

What’s next for LegalPRO?

Well, for starters, let me assure you that LegalPRO isn’t going anywhere and we are doing just fine.  Every Monopoly player knows that the good old orange properties of New York Avenue, Tennessee Avenue and St. James Place are some of the best properties on the board and that’s how I see LegalPRO.  We will continue to be a good value option, provide great service, and continue to advance into the latest technologies that are becoming more mainstream.  We may not be the first to give you a totally web-based option, but we are well on our way to that goal and will do it right.  We are about half way finished with a totally reinvented I-Got-Notices program that will be head and shoulders above all other products in that space.  And, we will continue to bring on more third-party providers integrated into our software platform to give you true options when choosing with whom you wish to do business.

Your satisfaction is our top priority

Moving into the future, it’s all about loyalty to each other.  We appreciate your loyalty to us and we will remain loyal to you.  Please keep spreading the word and giving us your kind referrals.  We look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.  As always, we are only a phone call or an e-mail away from answering any question you have or solving any problem we can.  So don’t take any Chances, keep passing Go, get Out-of-Jail for Free, and visit our Community Chest.  We will always give you Free Parking without the Luxury Tax.

Best wishes,

LegalPRO Systems, Inc.

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