The LegalPRO staff has been busy! In the latest version of BankruptcyPRO 9.1.80 we updated the following:

  • Exemptions: Updated exemptions for Michigan to reflect updated code section letters in § 600.5451. Updated the Utah exemptions to add a new firearms exemption. Users in those jurisdictions will need to reset their default exemptions.
  • Maryland Plan: Added a Special button option to select which language to use regarding attorney’s fees. Also added a button to the dialog to make the selected option the default for future cases.
  • Eastern District of Michigan Plan: Added support for adding a description under the collateral on Class 4 and Class 5 claims, so the user can explain why the debtor is paying direct. The description is entered in the Special Class of Secured Claim field on the Plan tab in the creditor. The description will always be shown, regardless of whether the debtor is paying direct.
  • Revised Plans: Added support for the Northern District of Oklahoma Plan and the latest Chapter 13 Oregon Plan (12/2012).
  • FlashDOCS: Added a field in FlashDOCS for the applicable commitment period in months: ShowCh13ACPInMonths.
  • Georgia Code: The annotation for the Georgia Code Annotated in the exemptions will be automatically changed to O.C.G.A when printing on Schedules.
  • Means Test: Added support for no mismatch warnings from the Means Test when changing claim amounts in secured or priority creditors in a Chapter 7 business case (i.e., business filing is checked on the G button in the case, Form 22A is being used for the Means Test and the checkbox for Line 1B “not primarily consumer debt” is checked in the Means Test dialog). However, if the box for Include Means Test in Business Cases (found at Settings, Options, Misc. #1, in the right-hand column) is checked, user will still get the warnings.
  • Filing Chapter 13 Plans: Added a Clear button (X) next to the Plan filename in FlashFiling, so the user can easily keep the plan from being filed if the court requires it to be filed after the case has been filed.
  • DoingTIME keywords: When sending client information to DoingTIME from BankruptcyPRO, keywords will be passed to DoingTIME if the keyword field is empty in DoingTIME.
  • Search: In the Find Case dialog, added the capability of searching on phone numbers (or partial phone numbers).

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