There are over 90 bankruptcy courts throughout the United States with different local requirements and local forms.  LegalPRO has added hundreds of local form templates into FlashDOCS®.  These templates are available to you at no charge from the Internet Tab in FlashDOCS in your BankruptcyPRO.  If there is a local form required in your district that you do not see listed on the Internet tab in FlashDOCS, send us the details about the form by clicking here.

341 FlashDOCS example

Click on image to see an example of a 341 Documents template in FlashDOCS.

Never used FlashDOCS before? Then you are missing out on one of the most powerful tools INCLUDED in BankruptcyPRO® that can help you streamline your practice.  FlashDOCS is a built-in merge capability that can use data you have already entered in your cases and automatically populate your standard internal forms.  This cuts down on copy/paste errors and transpositions.  Some examples of why you should be using FlashDOCS include:

  • You can create your own standard forms such as 341 meeting letters, retainer agreements, motions,  proposed orders, creditor letters as FlashDOCS templates
  • Save generated documents either as PDF files for electronic filing or as Rich Text Format (RTF) files
  • Insert FlashDOCS templates (your local forms) in your official form packet so they will generate within the PDF in the correct position.
  • Create lists of clients sorted by zip code so you can see your demographics
  • Create templates with user-defined fields that are tailored even more closely to your specific office needs

If you would like help with setting up a template in FlashDOCS, please call us at (210) 561-5300 for assistance.

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