Hints and TipsNeed another reason to try BankruptcyPRO and I-Got-Notices together?  How about an one-click button that adds Proofs of Claim Creditors from I-Got-Notices into BankruptcyPRO’s Master Creditor List?  This feature is useful in trimming data entry time when adding creditors that file proof of claims after filing a case.

To add the Proof of Claim Creditors outside a case in BankruptcyPRO go to Settings → Updates  → Master Creditor List.  Inside the case, click on the blue C button or use CTRL+ATL+C to open the creditors window.  Click on the New button and specify the creditor class.  A new creditor window will appear.  Click on the red Rolodex button or F8 to open the Master Creditor List.

Open Master Creditor List Window in BankruptcyPRO

Click to see a larger image.

On the Master Creditor List window, click on the I-Got-Notices POCs tab.  On the left hand side of the tab a list of creditors is displayed, while on the right hand side is information regarding the creditor including:

  • How often the creditor has filed a proof of claim
  • The creditor’s mailing address
  • and the jurisdictional district the creditor has filed proof of claims in.

Select the creditor you wish to add the Master Creditor List and review the information.  BankruptcyPRO has four different style options when it comes to copying the creditor’s address.  The default setting is set to: Leave it Alone.  You have the option of changing it to:

  • Convert to UPPERCASE
  • Convert to First Caps
  • or Convert to First Caps only if necessary.

When done with the styling setting click on the  Copy to BankruptcyPRO Master List button at the top of the window.  A pop-up window will appear stating that the creditor has been added to the list.

To add the creditor as a new creditor click on the Select button at the bottom.  The creditor’s address information now appears in the new creditor window.

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