Revamped Newsletter
You asked and we listened! In addition to receiving our monthly newsletter, you can now be notified via e-mail about software updates for any (or all) of our three programs. We recommend that anyone who uses BankruptcyPRO, I-Got-Notices or DoingTIME, join at least one newsletter list in order to keep abreast of program updates and new features.  You can subscribe to:

  • New Features: For this newsletter, you can select two different jurisdictions for which you would like to be notified of changes to items such as updated Local Rules, Official Forms and Chapter 13 Plans. We will also use this newsletter to inform you about special new features we have incorporated into our programs.
  • Software Updates: This newsletter will be sent out each time a software update is available. By subscribing to this newsletter, you’ll be sure to have the very latest version of your LegalPRO programs.

Please note, if you elect to receive both of the above, you could receive one newsletter every two weeks or as many as three to five over a seven-day period depending on our update cycle.

To join our newsletter list or to update your subscription, visit our newsletter sign-up page.

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