I-Got-NoticesTo show or hide columns on the Mail tab or the Case tab in I-Got-Notices®, simply click on the asterisk icon to the very left of the column headings.  You can select which columns appear so the display is more useful to you. 

For example, it may be very handy for you to see the docket number from the notice, especially when referencing a related document on ECF.

To have the docket number column display, click on the asterisk icon at the far left of the column headers in I-Got-Notices, and on the drop down menu that appears, check the box next to Doc#.

The column will appear at the right of your list.   You can rearrange the columns if you wish by dragging them to where you want to see them.   And you can sort on a column by clicking the header.

Removing a column by unchecking the box does not delete any information.  It just hides the column from the display.  Just click the  asterisk icon and recheck it to have the column reappear.

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