Whether you are representing the debtors or creditors, you can create Proofs of Claim using BankruptcyPRO®?  You can do this inside or outside a case.

Creating a claim inside the case

Claims LedgerTo create a Proof of Claim inside a case, open the case, then open the individual creditor.  At the bottom of the creditor window, click on the Proof of Claim button.  If case data has been entered, BankruptcyPRO automatically pulls the following into the Proof of Claim dialog:

  • Debtor’s Information
  • Creditor’s  Information (Name, Address, Claim information)
  • Asset information
  • Case Information (Case Number, Type of Chapter, etc.)

If you are representing a creditor, you could still add the debtor case to your list in BankruptcyPRO, and add just your creditor client as a creditor in that case.  Color code the case to differentiate from those where you are representing the debtor.  The form is almost completely populated when it’s generated from within a case.  By adding the case to your list, you also have the benefit of having the Debtor Memo available.   If you prefer not to add the case to your list, you can create the Proof of Claim outside a case.

Creating a claim outside the case

To create a Proof of Claim outside a case, go to File → Proof of Claim.  This will open the Proof of Claim Tracker window.  Listed in the window are all the Proofs of Claim that have been created in BankruptcyPRO, whether inside or outside a case.  Click on the New button to open an empty Proof of Claim window.  Unlike creating the claim in a case, you will need to enter the information relating to the claim as BankruptcyPRO does not know which debtor or creditor the claim is for.

The Signature Block

Proof of Claim Signature Block TabIf you want to print just your Attorney signature block, simply select Attorney (from inside the case) under Quick Choice.  This will pull your firm name and address in from your BankruptcyPRO installation.   If you are preparing the claim for someone else to sign, after you have typed information in the Creditor Signature Block Text area, you can click on the Quick Choice Drop-Down and select one of the Custom #1 thru #6 choices to save what you just typed.

To file the Proof of Claim electronically, select generate PDF.  BankruptcyPRO will add the conformed signature notation (/s/).

Create a PDF

After filling in all the applicable information for the Proof of Claim, then click the Print button or Alt-P to preview the Proof of Claim.  To print the Proof of Claim, simply tab once to the Printer icon and press Enter twice to print the form or click on the Printer  icon.

To create a PDF file for filing the claim electronically, check the Generate PDF box.  Then click on the Printer icon. You will see a preview of the Proof of Claim on the screen.  Click the Printer icon at the top of the window.  You will be prompted to enter a file name for the PDF file.  By default, BankruptcyPRO® will save the file in your client’s folder.  If you create the claim outside the case, BankruptcyPRO will offer to save the file in the data directory, but not in a specific client folder.   You can, of course, navigate to where you want to save the file.

Create a PDF from a claim already on the list (from outside a case)

To create a PDF document for a Proof of Claim already entered outside a case, go to File → Proof of Claim.  Select the claim.  Select the Generate PDF checkbox next to the print icon to create a PDF file of your claim using BankruptcyPRO’s built-in PDF writer.  When you click on the Print button, you’ll see  a preview of the Proof of Claim. Click on the print button at the top of the preview and BankruptcyPRO will offer to save the file as a PDF file.

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