Highlighting Secured Creditors in the Southern District of Ohio Plan

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The latest BankruptcyPRO® release, 9.1.67, includes an update to the Chapter 13 Plan for the Western District of Texas, Austin Division, with new required language effective February, 2013.

Also included in the latest release is a beta version of the Chapter 13 Plan for the Southern District of Ohio, Columbus Division.  A new feature in this plan is the ability to highlight items that have changed.   This is something that you will need to do specifically for each changed item.

Special Button for the Southern District of Ohio Plan

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On a creditor, look at the bottom left of the Plan tab for a drop down menu.  Check the boxes that apply to that creditor.  If no boxes are checked on the dropdown, there will be no highlighting.   There are also checkboxes in the Executory Contracts dialog for both the regular payments and for the arrearages.

In addition, you will see an option to Highlight in Plan when you add a Special Provision in the Plan Calculator on the Special Provisions tab.

More highlighting options are available on the Special Button that enables when you select the plan on the Plans tab in BankruptcyPRO.

At this time, you will have to cause all the highlighting to appear in your plan by using these various options.  BankruptcyPRO will not detect your changes for purposes of highlighting.

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