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We have added a new button within BankruptcyPRO to allow quick access to the Case Management features offered with our web based application, Jubilee.


Jubilee : Our Cloud-based Software

Jubilee is an affordable Bankruptcy & Practice Management Software for the Legal Professional.


Jubilee's Features & Benefits

Case Management 

Jubilee®PRO is case management features include contacts, calendaring, case details and time recording tools.

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Jubilee®BK is our cutting-edge cloud bankruptcy platform for filing and managing bankruptcy cases from inception to final discharge.

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Efficiently send email requests of the official forms for debtors to sign electronically.

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Court Notices

Jubilee®Notices is an intuitive, money and time-saving tool that captures automatically details and documents from Court emails.  

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Legal Payments

Jubilee®LegalPayments helps law firms to get paid faster with less hassle. Lawyers can record time records, create and send invoices. 

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Text Messaging

Jubilee®Messaging allows attorneys to text message their clients right from within cases without giving them their personal phone number. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I love the cloud-based program. Since we switch we no longer have the need for an expensive network, all we need is the internet. I have been with Legal Pro for over 10 years and they are the best. The support team is incredible, the program is easy to use and they update constantly.
Tina Christine A., Attorney

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BankruptcyPRO by LegalPRO Systems, Inc. is a bankruptcy form filing, preparation and case management software that includes all the basic tools necessary for your bankruptcy practice, as well as additional powerful features to assist in streamlining your office.

BankruptcyPRO walks you through the bankruptcy filing process, generating PDF files of official bankruptcy schedules and filing them electronically with the ECF Wizard. BankruptcyPRO supports Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 filings and is compliant with all CM/ ECF courts.


Virtual Paralegal Service

The mission of the Virtual Bankruptcy Paralegal Service is to provide temporary help to law offices when their valued staff is on leave, overwhelmed with an influx of more cases than normal, or to assist offices that do only occasional bankruptcies and may not have the expertise in completing the forms.

Whether your regular paralegal is out temporarily, you are just starting out and can’t afford to hire someone full time, or you just need a short term boost in capacity, we can help get the job done during these interim periods.


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