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Are you prepared for the new Official Bankruptcy Forms effective Dec. 1, 2015? BankruptcyPRO will be. See what’s changed in BankprutpcyPRO for the new forms effective Dec. 1.

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Jubilee by LegalPRO Systems, Inc.
Jubilee is an all new cutting-edge cloud bankruptcy platform for filing and managing bankruptcy cases from inception to final discharge.

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BankruptcyPRO® walks you through the bankruptcy-filing process, generating PDF files of official bankruptcy schedules and filing them electronically with the ECF Wizard.

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I-Got-Notices logo
I-Got-Notices® is an intuitive, time-saving tool that captures information and “free looks” received in ECF emails and then organizes it in an integrated inbox and calendar.

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Virtual Bankruptcy Paralegal Service by LegalPRO Services, LLC
Virtual Bankruptcy Paralegal Service provides experienced, cost-effective and efficient assistance to attorneys for bankruptcy case preparation and electronic filing.

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